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"'Ashes' marks the beginning of a journey into self-discovery. It showcases the frustration of someone who has been thrust into a world where they are neglected by the system. We all have a spark in us that can achieve greatness, but when that spark isn’t fostered into a flame, the embers go out and all that’s left are the ‘Ashes’."

- Ben Edwards

Rainbreakers are set to release brand new single...



Having worked on the new material over the last two years it won’t come as surprise to you that we are extremely excited to start sharing our new music with you.

Ashes will be released onto an EXCLUSIVE 7" VINYL with only 500 COPIES available. Not only will they be HAND NUMBERED and SIGNED by all the band.

As an added bonus, all pre-orders will also receive an EXCLUSIVE SIGNED PHOTO making them that extra little bit special!


So order now to get your PRE-RELEASE copy of this new highly anticipated single before everyone else!

Rainbreakers Single 7" Vinyl Pre-order

(inc. digital download on release day)


(plus £1.75 P&P)

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