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June 23, 2015

Written by

Bump-and-Run Beats and Swamp-Boogie Vocals from RAINBREAKERS


In music you seize opportunities when they arise.


So, it was a shame that the local band The Brew could not appear at the annual blues event held atCleethorpes Pleasure Island Theme Park this weekend  (Kurt had dislocated his shoulder) — but instead we were treated to a remarkable set performed for us by the Shrewsbury quartet The Rainbreakers  at this the fifth Cleethorpes Blues, Rhythm & Rock Festival.


The lads willingly stepped in at short notice to help out. The band opened the festivities.

Rainbreakers – Reminding us of the best of British 1960’s and early 1970’s hard-blues bands…

Riffs are important to The Rainbreakers sound. They can pull them out with remarkable ease. So simmering versions of Gary Clark, Jr.songs, like “When My Train Pulls In” had neat riffs that seem to be have been wrenchedfrom the frets by Jack (on lead guitar) with the strength and leverage of a muscled-up tyre-fitter.

‘Blood Not Brass’ was humpbacked, with forlorn vocals.


And a guitar that cried-out in the night like a lost screech-owl — plus oily bass guitar (from Peter ) that pumped everything up the camber. Last year’s ‘Gone’ with contagious sliding guitar has heavy bump-and run-beats and is dense and atmospheric.


Reminding us of the best of British 1960’s and early 1970’s hard-blues bands —  The Rainbreakersgritty guitar sounds, swamp-boogie vocals (Ben ) and diesel-dark attitudes are as furtive as  catfish in the Mississippi mud, yet richer and more generous than a dark-water bayou.



When the band lifted themselves a little higher, they could sound like Frampton’s Camel circa 1973. But, above all, they reminded us of early “Fire and Water” Free. And that cannot be a bad thing, can it?

See The Rainbreakers play next at the Gravesend Blues Rock Festival on Jul 04.

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