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May 22, 2015

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The Rainbreakers are a 4 piece band, 2 brothers and 2 friends, who, according to their Bio. Are a band steeped in the rock, blues and Soul of the early 70’s, sounds OK to me, with influences from Free to Hendrix, so a blues bias? I think perhaps, though they would probably argue that. They are based in Shrewsbury, which seems to have a burgeoning music scene at present, with brothers Ben on vocals, and Sam on percussion. Add to that lead guitarist Jack and bassist, Peter, they are The Rainbreakers.


The EP consists of 4 tracks, all penned by the band, and opens with, ‘Aint Nothing Going On’, a fiery rock infused blues song,with Sam thumping out a staccato beat that drives all along, Jack’s guitar holds the middle ground distinctly, with cymbals crashing all around, but always with beat and bass undertow. Machine gun drumming closes it, Its a little cracker. Ben’s voice has  been 'fuzzed’, as indeed is the case throughout this CD, it works well, and seems to fit comfortably with the lyrics and style.


Next track,'On My Knees’, is a punchy, raw edged song that would not disgrace any rock blues band, the straight guitar lead and strong vocals combine with that thumping rhythm line to excellent effect. Turning to a much more distinctive blues riff, Ben gives everything, his passionate interpretation stands out.


'Blood Not Brass’, deserves the accolade of title track, the dirty guitar notes again find resonance with distorted vocals to make a stunningly good song, that belies the bands relative inexperience, the road ahead looks clear and fast for this young band. Its a track that wears a heavy blues bias, and absolutely nothing wrong with that. Jack’s guitar works nicely throughout, again with Sam’s cymbals and the underlying base from Peter, being very effective; excellent.


The tempo drops for the final track, 'All I Got’, as in all the tracks, Jack makes fine use of his Fender, with strong input from bass and drum. The tension lifts toward the closing stages, Ben’s voice drifts away, and allows the instrumentation to dominate the second half of the track accelerating through towards the end.


What stands out in this EP is the input from all the band, dirtied vocals, and, sometime guitar notes, strong underlying bass and the venomous attack on the brass and skins of the drums. Nothing is over or under done, it is well balanced, and the recording and mixing has been sympathetic to that. The whole is outstanding for a first CD release, lets hope it is the sign of more to come, its a pleasure to listen to and I look forward to seeing the bands live performances.

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