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The mighty Rainbreakers are back, with lovingly honed new material, spearheaded by their striking new single ‘Ashes’, followed by the storming 'Light Me Up', both taken from the band’s forthcoming new album to be released in 2021.

"Built around the persuasive vocals of Ben Edwards, the urgent guitar of Charlie Richards and a skintight rhythm section, ‘Ashes’ is an exciting, original piece… to grab newcomers to Rainbreakers by the collar”,  writes respected Rock journalist Paul Sexton.

Rainbreakers are keeping this initial roll-out very real, very special and very exclusive! With both the new singles only available on Limited Edition 7” Vinyl with just 500 copies being printed of each. And there’s more: an exclusive signed photo will be included with the hand-numbered and signed vinyl of Ashes, making it an even more extraordinary piece for any collection.

Available for Pre-order Now, this new release gives fans the opportunity to have the single in their hands, spinning it on their decks, and listening to this great track before wider release via digital platforms and social media outlets. These are one-time only issues. There will be no repressing or reordering


“Having worked on new material over the last two years, it won’t come as a surprise to you that we are ridiculously excited to start sharing this new music with you!”

- Ben Edwards

Photo by Rob Blackham

Light Me Up 7" Vinyl Cover.

 Cover photo by cottonbro.

Logo Design by Charley Robinson.

Cover Designs by Sam Edwards.

LMU vinyl merch pic.jpg
Ashes Merch Pic (prerelease) 2.jpg

Ashes 7" Vinyl Cover.

Cover photo by Rob Blackham.

Logo Design by Charley Robinson.

Cover Design by Sam Edwards.

Defying simple pigeonholing, Rainbreakers make carefully-crafted British Rock that looks forwards as well as backwards, and inwards as well as outwards. Music that credits its listeners with intelligence and isn't shy of putting its soul on the line. Taking influence from the late 60’s and early 70’s great Rock bands (Led Zeppelin, Free) and infusing it with a modern sense of Soul and Blues.

Rainbreakers, a four-piece band based in Shropshire, have been consistently engaging brains and ears during a steady emergence over recent years. The line-up fields: Ben Edwards (vocals); Charlie Richards (guitar); Ash Milburn (Bass); and Sam Edwards (Drums).

There's a refreshing simplicity and honesty in the quartet's approach to their music, creating songs about real, down-to-earth human experience. The real stuff that we all go through, full of questions, frailties, doubt, determination, light and shade. “There's lots of layers to it,” says drummer and brother, Sam, with some understatement, “I feel we've gone up a few gears in what we're able to do, as songwriters and as players.”

Recorded by producer Tom Gittins of Monochrome Productions (Robert Plant, Broken Witt Rebels) and Mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering (The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys), you can hear this development flourish into songs that grab your attention and keep you listening.

Although still a young band, they possess a maturity and wisdom hewn from battle hardened touring over recent years. Playing to capacity crowds at iconic venues such as The 100 Club, The Borderline, The Sage, and Rock City. They've also enthusiastically supported notables like The Temperance Movement, The Kris Barras Band, Alabama 3, Devon Allman, Samantha Fish and Wille and the Bandits.  

Further performances at festivals like the Great British Rock and Blues Festival, Wilderness Festival, Le Blues Autour du Zinc, and Ramblin' Man Fair have seen the band receive rave reviews and many an accolade, including nominations for the UK Blues Challenge and ‘Best Emerging Artist’ in The British Blues Awards, affirming Rainbreakers’ standing as a breakthrough band to watch.

Along the way Rainbreakers have built up an audience and following that hangs on their every song. Their stage presence and innate reluctance against staying within constricting genre boundaries always keep audiences wanting more. No-one wants to miss the Rainbreakers’ next number. And now the band are looking forward to releasing more!

“It’s always exciting to release new music,” says Ben “and for me this record is even more exciting as it marks the beginning of a journey into self-discovery, not only personally, but also musically. We all have a spark in us that can achieve greatness, but when that spark isn’t kindled into full flame, the embers go out and all that’s left are the ashes."

Join Rainbreakers in that journey and grab one of the Exclusive 7” Vinyl’s now to be amongst the first to own and experience this new, eagerly anticipated single before everyone else!


Photo by Rob Blackham


Rainbreakers - Light Me Up

The second single to come off the highly anticipated second album. A song full of angst and frustration as you try and navigate a world that isn't giving you the answers you need.

Worldwide release: 28.05.21

Order here.

Rainbreakers - Ashes

The first single of the upcoming album. This song is marks the beginning of a journey into self-discovery.

Worldwide release : 26.02.21

Order here.

"Exciting, original British Rock to grab [listeners] by the collar"

- Paul Sexton, Journalist

"70's meets garage licks"

- Classic Rock Magazine

"A breath of fresh air"

- Blues & Soul Magazine



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